Andrew J Crane Photography Portfolio

A collection of Landscape, Nature, Portrait, Architecture, Abstract, and Weather photography from North America and East Asia


Practical Chinese Textbook & Teaching Material

Practical Chinese introduces the Chinese language to new learners who would like to understand the grammatical and lexical knowledge necessary for speaking Chinese fluently. This book uses guided practice with clear examples, simple explanations, color coated characters, and phonetics in order to increase student learning outcomes.

Oklahoma Travel Guide

Welcome to the Oklahoma Travel Guide web page. Each of Oklahoma’s geographic regions have been separated into sections that include links to photographic journals, general information, travel destination information, maps, and points of interest.

Teaching Portfolio

The World Languages Education graduate coursework is designed to develop teacher education professionalism, leadership, understanding, and scholarship (TE-PLUS). The goal of this portfolio is to demonstrate proficiency in the concepts of TE-PLUS through the examination of artifacts that relate to the following area: teacher as educator, teacher as communicator, teacher as decision-maker, teacher as scholar, teacher as researcher, and teacher as leader.

What Accounts for Differences in Student Learning in a High School Chinese Class?

Link to PDF: student-learning-gap-case-study   “Learning is daily accumulation. The Dao is daily diminishing.” ~ Dao De Jing What Accounts for Differences in Student Learning in a High School Chinese Class? Introduction Variations in learning outcome and skill acquisition between individual students in a class population seem to be a naturally occurring phenomenon in education….

Addressing Economic Disparity in Education and Public Policy

This article first examines socio-economic class and poverty in the United States. It then analyzes the effects that this poverty imposes on the physical and cognitive development, and academic achievement of children. Next, it looks at various methods that educators can consider implementing in their classroom to help alleviate the negative consequences of poverty on inflicted students. Last, it offers information about an assortment of amendments in social and institutional policy that may be beneficial for improving the financial stability of families suffering from poverty.

Consequences of High-Stakes Testing

This article examines the consequences of high-stakes testing, and offers alternative methods for increasing student learning outcomes and educational accountability.

Buddism: An Introduction

This paper examines Buddhist Philosophy and explores the core principles taught by Buddha in his first sermon; specifically the Four Noble Truths and the
Eightfold Noble Path. It then examines scripture found within the Pali Canon and provides analysis to better understand the Buddhist philosophy of the self. Next, it contrasts the various sects of Buddhism, and defines how Buddhists attempt to reach enlightenment through various practices. Finally, it attempts to show how Buddhism,
Daoism, Confucianism, and modern science have influenced the beliefs held by people in Buddhist countries.